» Comics - 39 - August 8th, 2010, 7:21 pm

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Author Comments:

Reign of Chaos, July 27th, 2010, 2:21 pm

- Trying something new.

Advertisement, July 20th, 2018, 5:07 pm


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Reader Comments:


there is some.

posted by SnakeKing on August 8th, 2010, 8:02 pm


I though logic did not exists in the digital world... Then again things are impossible to explain in that world

posted by Atomic dragon on August 8th, 2010, 8:29 pm


The situation is explained with six simple words. Logic is the digital world's bitch.

posted by LightTH on August 8th, 2010, 8:47 pm


It's used when the digital world needs it or wants it.

posted by SnakeKing on August 8th, 2010, 9:47 pm


New pannelling! Nice! But there is a few issues:
Try to keep it aligned. Organized. And the overlapping panels is great, but kind of annoying, but that is just a personal preference.
PS. Drop shadowing the panels is good to do!

posted by slipknot6(SIC)6 on August 8th, 2010, 9:55 pm


This was made like 11 days ago, I've improved on it.

posted by Reign of Chaos on August 8th, 2010, 10:15 pm



He cant get wet.

Geddit? >awesomeface<

posted by AnXjak on August 9th, 2010, 12:57 am


By any chance did you get that "I can't get wet!" phrase from a KH: CoM Manga?

posted by Angel the Tenric on August 9th, 2010, 4:26 pm


Yeah, the Larxene fight. It makes sense though, someone with electric currents running through their body? It would have catastrophic consequences if they got wet.

posted by Reign of Chaos on August 9th, 2010, 5:52 pm

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